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EU Law blog

Henry VIII arrives in Florence: The UK’s withdrawal from the Convention establishing a European University Institute

door REDACTIE EU LAW BLOG 15-02-2019 By Oliver Garner Brexit has been a personal matter for many British and European academics. In the last week, however, Brexit became even more personal for UK researchers based at the European University Institute in Florence. The UK government published its draft European University Institute (EU Exit) Regulations 2019 on 7th February. This is a […] »»
EU Law blog

A Parallel Universe: Advocate General Bot in Opinion 1/17

door REDACTIE EU LAW BLOG 07-02-2019 By Harm Schepel Introduction All is clear, then: CETA’s Investment Chapter is perfectly compatible with EU Law. According to Advocate General Bot, the agreement is wholly separate from the normative (as opposed to the factual) universe of EU law, and merely protects readily identifiable ‘foreigners’ investing in the EU in the same way as it […] »»
EU Law blog

AG Bot in Opinion 1/17. The autonomy of the EU legal order v. the reasons why the CETA ICS might be needed

door REDACTIE EU LAW BLOG 06-02-2019 By Szilárd Gáspár-Szilágyi Background The EU’s exercise of its post-Lisbon competences over foreign direct investment (FDI) has been anything but smooth. In Opinion 2/15 the CJEU clarified the EU and Member State competences over the EU’s new generation free trade and investment agreements, resulting in the splitting of the EU‑Singapore agreement into a separate trade […] »»
EU Law blog

Neues aus dem Elfenbeinturm: January 2019

door REDACTIE EU LAW BLOG 18-01-2019 Conference “La coopération opérationnelle en droit pénal de l’Union européenne” University of Nantes, 1 February 2019. Deadline for registration: 25 January 2019. Workshop “Re-conceptualizing Authority and Legitimacy in the EU: New Architectures and Procedures to Reconnect the Union with its Citizens” LUISS Guido Carli, 1 February 2019. Deadline for registration: 28 January 2019. Conference “EU […] »»
EU Law blog

Rumbling in Robes Round 2 – Civil Court Orders Dutch State to Accelerate Climate Change Mitigation

door REDACTIE EU LAW BLOG 09-01-2019 By Kai P Purnhagen, Josephine van Zeben, Hanna Schebesta, and Robbert Biesbroek On 9 October 2018, the Civil Division of the The Hague Court of Appeal in the Netherlands has delivered its judgment on the appeal of the ‘Urgenda case’ The Court imposed an order to act on the Dutch government to adjust its policy […] »»